With burlesque currently a showbusiness buzzword it’s hardly surprising that Stageworks Worldwide Productions has turned its attentions in that direction. Forbidden started out as an idea for a late night adults only showbar revue and has ended up as a naughty-ish but nice production that offers titillation and tease wrapped up in a confection of dance, song, circus skills, cabaret and more. Replacing previous Pleasure Beach shows Eclipse and Mystique, it is rather a fusion of the two - combining the Las Vegas lounge feel of the latter and the contemporary circus ring approach of the former. Choreographically it’s equally hybrid - from tango to flamenco, disco to bebop and beyond - all masterminded by Antony Johns and executed by the cream of previous crops and with too much to be taken in at one sitting!

‘The Stage’ July 2007

The successor to Eclipse, the curtain rose on Pleasure Beach’s much anticipated new show, Forbidden, on Friday, July 6. In this, the biggest and most lavish production ever staged at the UK park, audiences are treated to a feast of sumptuous song, dance and glorious style. “Glittering chandeliers and gilt framed mirrors hang from every angle over a beautifully designed set that is simply boudoir chic,” says a Pleasure Beach spokesperson. “Amazing choreography, spectacular lighting and stunning costumes combine to create an unexpected and fabulously exotic show full of grace and elegance.” An ensemble of 20 talented performers, a number of whom have performed in prestigious venues such as the Moulin Rouge and Les Folies Bergere, entertain the crowd in this latest show from Stageworks Worldwide Productions. In total Forbidden features an incredible 200 costumes made from over 10,000 metres of beautiful fabrics with over one million Swarovski crystals individually hand sewn.

‘Park World’  25 July, 2007

After several years with ‘Eclipse’ being the Pleasure Beach’s headline show there was a real sense of anticipation in the air at what to expect from this new production. The show goers were not disappointed, with sensational costumes, a vibrant original musical score, stunning lighting effects, superbly choreographed dance routines and some excellent circus style performances. Original music by Joe O’Connor & James McCourt is fast paced, high beat and very entertaining. Amanda Thompson & Antony Johns should be immensely proud of this new creation!!

‘World’s Fair’ July 20 -26th, 2007