Any memories of the Oscar winning film starring Judy Garland are obliterated by what is best described as a rock musical! Paul Hammond, who also takes a central role, has done a remarkable job in writing and producing what is a highly polished and entertaining show and Joe O’Connor’s music has some catchy songs! The Choreography is superb, the costumes lavish and the lighting is some of the most effective I have seen.

‘The Stage’, 18th August, 2005 | Sheila Tracy

As a big fan of the original 1939 film, I was expecting much the same on the live stage, but this was not to be! Paul Hammond and Joe O’Connor, to their credit bravely went for a different angle, and I found myself enjoying every minute! This production was very brave and well done, different but still wonderful!!

‘The Chronicle’, 21st August, 2005 | Charlie Bramley

This spell binding show is weaving it’s magic in a new take on life ‘Beyond The Rainbow’. Paul Hammond and Joe O’Connor’s new family musical explodes onto the stage with a fresh and funky feel! Our two daughters aged six and nine, were captivated from the opening! Wizard and it’s got real attitude!

‘The Journal', 26th August, 2005 | Reviewed by Katharine Capocci